From Israel's Haaretz newspaper to the FRANCE 24 newsroom, Romina and Gilad's years-long collaboration has spanned several continents. One is an American Jew, the other a native Israeli. They share their often conflicting views on what might just be the world's most complicated country.
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Yes, secular Jews are Jewish too

Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews think they are the exclusive owners of Judaism. It's up to the Israeli authorities and the majority of their compatriots to tell them they're wrong.

Reply to a disillusioned American Jew: comfort ye, my people

In turning their back on Israel, Diaspora Jews not only do the right thing, they also do what is best for their dear Jewish state and the entire region. A reply to Romina Ruiz-Goiriena's post.

The road not taken

Israel is now quickly becoming the fastest former " democracy in the Middle East”.

Iranian nukes would threaten Israel's hegemony, not existence

Even if Iran develops nuclear warheads, who says they'll use them? In fact, they are better off not using them at all. All they have to do is take lessons from Israel.
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Meagrely getting by on back door diplomacy

This week Israel carried out key two diplomatic moves in the region. Both moves share one thing in common: the need to show an intention to normalise relations without giving in to anyone’s demands.

Tête-a-tête: Is France 2 Anti-Semitic?

French Jews have cried foul over the recent airing of France 2’s 'Un oeil sur la planète'. Romina Ruiz-Goiriena and Gilad Halpern share their views on the controversial row.

Gilad Shalit owes his release to an odd confluence of interests

The abducted Israeli soldier is to be released after more than five years in Hamas captivity. To the prisoner swap that was signed this week led neither great statesmanship nor noble ideals - but the changing political landscape of the Middle East.

When Israel is forced either to have its cake or eat it

Unlike his predecessor Yasser Arafat, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas symbolises the interlocutor Benjamin Netanyahu most dreads: pragmatic, accountable and committed to nonviolence.

How to lose friends and alienate people

On a collision course with the Palestinians ahead of their UN statehood bid, Israel has paid little attention to its deteriorating relations with its regional allies. Even before next week's vote, Israel's Mideast diplomacy is at a low ebb.
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The Palestinian state that could (file…or not)

News outlets reported the PA had launched its official recognition campaign except the PLO denied it. Some would believe this was a screw-up, but having journalists cover the march in Ramallah was a brilliant PR stunt.

Saeb Erekat: “Maybe Netanyahu needs a therapist for numbers”

‘Israel-Fatah’ key negotiator Saeb Erekat tells France 24 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needs “a therapist for numbers” in order to accept 1967 borders and Palestinian statehood.

Q&A: Gallagher Fenwick on the breakdown of Turkish-Israeli relations

Our Jerusalem Correspondent, Gallagher Fenwick, tells us more about Israel's response to Turkey's decision to expel the Israeli ambassador and suspend military accords amid a row over last year's attack on a Gaza aid flotilla.
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Shooting for the wrong objective

Israeli Defence Forces are training settlers to shoot Palestinians fearing that a ‘Third Intifada’ could take place following the UN vote in September. However, arming civilians merely reveals the vulnerability of the government.

Avoiding the Turkey mistake

The way that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reacts to the Sinai crisis will inevitably set the roadmap for the kind of relationship the country will have with the future Egyptian government.